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Alumni Accounts

When Paula Scharf Kohn took a babysitting job in the summer of 1964, she had no idea that it would turn into a lifelong connection with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires!  Paula worked as a babysitter for Miriam Klein Shapiro (z”l) and Saul Shapiro for three years.  In 1967, she was an Edah Bet Counselor and in 1970, after getting her nursing degree, she worked as an RN at Camp.  For the next 30 years, Paula has been back and forth to camp numerous times to work as a nurse and pitch in where needed.  Paula’s daughter Rachel was a Ramah Berkshires camper and attended the TRY program in 1998.  Rachel worked as a counselor and as Rosh Omanut.  This past summer she was a Volleyball Coach-in-Residence.
An avid bike rider, Paula is excited to be participating in the Ramah Galil Ride.  Sponsored by the National Ramah Commission, the Ramah Ride will bring together Ramahniks from all the Camps and ages to take part in a five day bike ride through Northern Israel.  Proceeds from the event will benefit all of Ramah’s special needs programs.

“I decided to (do the bike ride) at first because it was an adventure and an opportunity to see other parts of Israel,” said Paula.  However, when she learned of the bike ride’s association with Ramah’s special needs programs, she felt more inclined to partiicipate.

“A member of my Congregation attends Ramah New England’s special needs program.  Camp Ramah is wonderful at including children with special needs.  I’m riding for her,” Paula explained.

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Answers to the Trivia Contests

Camper Trivia Contest

  1. Who was the first director of Ta’am Ramah?
    1. Rabbi Fred Elias
  2. How many times does the word Ramah or Ramahniks appear on our website?
    1. 145
  3. What is the Hebrew term for our year-round programming?
    1. B’Hol Onah
  4. How many summers have Rabbi Resnick & his family been in Camp?
    1. 123 summers
  5. What is the name of our agam (lake)?
    1. Ellis Pond
  6. How many hard boiled eggs does ABy make for Shabbat morning?
    1. 1,296 eggs
  7. Name one of Rabbi Roth’s favorite activities in camp?
    1. Learning, kayaking, and knitting with the Ramah campers and staff.

Parent Trivia Contest

  1. What is the date of visiting day?
    1. Sunday, July 24, 2011
  2. Name the location of kabbalat Shabbat services.
    1. The Amphitheater
  3. What is the Shidduch wall and what does it commemorate?
    1. Create a lasting tribute to the beginning of your relationship.  Dedicate a plaque on Camp’s Shidduchim Wall.  Plaques are $250, and are proudly displayed in the Chadar with those of other Ramah couples.
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