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Teva Building

Welcome to the NEW Beit Teva:

A Sneak Peek at the Teva center

What goes on in Wingdale during the off-season? Lots of building and maintenance, AND creating new and exciting program spaces. An example of such a makom (place) is Beit Teva, our center for nature, environmental and agricultural programming in Camp.

The new building is the result of a generous donation from the Langfan-Heller family, as part of the CRB Create Your Match Campaign. As parents of four Ramahniks, Dayna Langfan and Lawrence Heller learned of Camp’s need for a new Teva building and were driven to help the effort to expand the nature program.

Beit Teva is a “green” structure, made of natural wood and will have solar-heated ventilation. We are excited to see our Teva program expand and we look forward to its hanukat ha-bayit (house-warming)!

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