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SABABA Bogrim 2012!!

We are so excited to kick off the 2nd year of the latest innovation in Camp Ramah in the Berkshires programming: SABABA BOGRIM. After a successful start last summer, we are working hard to make SABABA bigger and better then ever.  Designed especially for Bogrim, SABABA gives the chanichim (campers) a fun and meaningful way to bring the Ramah experience to new heights. The chanichim choose 1 out of 5 trip options and spend 5 days learning new things, making new friends, and growing together as a group. The 5 trips this summer are: Biking Extreme in Vermont; Hiking and Backpacking Adventure in the REAL Berkshires; the BIMA program at Brandeis specializing in dance, theater, and visual arts;  Chesed work in Providence, RI; and cooking classes with the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts in Manhattan.  Click here to check out our flyer for more information on this exciting program!


Bogrim 2011 chanichim making meals for the Kosher food pantry in Providence, RI

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Gym Update #8

Makom Peulot (Activity Space)

Equipment Storage

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Gym Update #7

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Kol Ramah – 102.3 FM

It was Kayitz 2002 when the first four campers came in for what was a brand new Peulah (activity), Radio. The campers brought in their own CDs (remember those?). We had one small boom box and one microphone; this was the start of Kol Ramah 102.3 FM. We are now at our 10 year anniversary, the 11th year of radio at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires and believe me when I tell you “this is not your parent’s Kol Ramah”!.

Kol Ramah 102.3 FM is a fully functioning radio station with a digitized library of popular and classic Israeli and camp songs. Digital audio recording and editing is done on one of two computers. The heart of our station is a 16 channel mixing board with multiple microphones and professional CD players. Add to this a telephone hybrid for professional call-ins, capabilities for remote broadcasting, regular podcasts and you can be sure this translates into a lot of fun for the entire camp community.As you walk through the different “neighborhoods” of camp, down by the canteen near the main office, up on the B side main road near the agam and amphitheater and up on A side by Bet Degel Alef, one is greeted by campers’ live broadcasts and popular Israeli songs all day long!

Of course, this summer we will continue what was very popular in the past, 24 hour streaming so that anyone, anywhere can tune in to the live broadcast of Radio Kol Ramah.

We are delighted that Eric Liederman is returning as our Rosh Radio (Station Manager). Eric has been very involved with Kol Ramah 102.3 FM from its earliest days; as a camper and then counselor in training. This will be the second year Eric is directing Kol Ramah and he has really put his own stamp on this wonderful program.

It is hard to overstate the contribution of Yaniv Morizovsky. Yaniv was Rosh Radio in 2006 and 2007 and we were lucky enough to have him back with us for part of the summer last year. When you listen to our station on-line and hear all the jingles, the professional level of broadcasting, the depth of our musical selections and many wonderful interesting podcasts, we have Yaniv to thank. He has transformed this camp station from a curiosity that broadcasted a few hours a day to what is truly Camp Ramah in the Berkshires’ radio station. Yaniv is a professional broadcaster and educator; he directs the educational radio program in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, and will now be taking on a new role in a managerial capacity at Reshet Gimmel of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. I am personally proud to call Yaniv my friend and we continue to benefit from his expertise.

For the 10 year anniversary of Kol Ramah 102.3 FM, we have some surprises planned! I can’t tell you all the details (otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise) but just to wet your appetite stay tuned – we are going to be inviting all of you, our friends, alumni and parents, to record shout outs and good wishes which we will broadcast on Kol Ramah 102.3 FM, all from the comfort of your own telephone. More on that to follow.

So please join us; make Kol Ramah 102.3 FM a part of your summer! Tune-in to our 24 hour stream, listen to the campers’ live broadcasts, download our podcasts, all of which will be accessible through

Radio Kol Ramah is brought to Camp Ramah in the Berksires through the efforts of the Steve Jacobson Memorial Amateur Radio Association (

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David Moss, Artist in Residence

David MossDavid Moss, noted artist and illuminator, will be an artist-in-residence for a week this summer. Originally from the US, David lives and works in Israel, where he describes himself as an “illuminator, animator and transformer of Jewish texts, objects, spaces and souls.” David Moss began his artistic career by reinventing the art of the illuminated Jewish wedding contract (ketubah). He has created the famous Moss Haggadah, considered by some to be the finest original Haggadah, as well as many other expressive works in a variety of media which capture and reflect Jewish essence and experience.

Moss has been artist-in-residence in many educational settings. A veteran artist-in-residence at several Ramah camps, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is thrilled to welcome him to Wingdale, where he looks forward to involve campers in the creative, artistic process.

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