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Rashei Edot Bios

Didi Kalmanofsky – Rosh Cochavim
didi kalmanofsky

Didi Kalmanofsky can’t wait for his 10th summer at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, and his second go-round as Rosh Cochavim! He is a graduate of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York, the Mechinat Bina gap-year program in Tel Aviv, and is a philosophy and psychology student at SUNY Buffalo. Didi spent five summers on staff at Ramah camps, including four at CRB and one at Ramah Nyack, and is one of the lucky few who can say he has worked in every edah on machaneh aleph. He is counting down the days ’til Kayitz 2016!

Sarah Davis – Rosh NitzanimSarah Davis

Sarah Davis can’t wait to spend her 13th summer at Camp as Rosh Nitzanim! She is a rising senior at the University of Rochester, majoring in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Psychology. When Sarah is not studying, she can be found dancing with the Ballet Performance Group, working in the University of Rochester Kinder Lab, or sipping coffee. Having spent a total of four summers in Nitzanim, Sarah is so excited to work with an amazing tzevet and create a fabulous summer for the chanichim.

Naomi Weinblatt – Rosh ShorashimNaomi Weinblatt

Naomi Weinblatt is thrilled to be back at Camp for her 10th summer! She grew up in Queens, New York and is a 2016 graduate from Brandeis University as a Psychology and Sociology major. When Naomi is not working in labs or teaching Hebrew School, she enjoys reading and playing volleyball. Naomi is excited about Kayitz 2016 and is preparing an enriching and awesome summer for her chanichim.

Emily Rebenstock – Rosh TzeirimEmily Rebenstoclk

Emily Rebenstock began her camp career 11 summers ago, as a Nitzanim camper, and is incredibly excited to be returning this summer as Rosh Tzeirim. She spent spring semester abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and will return to The Ohio State University in the fall semester, where she is pursuing a major in psychology. Emily loves working in Camp and spent her last three summers as a CRB staff member. She is determined to make Tzeirim the best summer yet for chanichim and madrichim alike.

Noam Kornsgold – Rosh Solelimnoam kornsgold

Noam Kornsgold, a native of East Windsor, New Jersey, is a rising senior at List College, a joint program between The Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University. Having served twice as a Solelim counselor and a Machon madrich for one summer, Noam is excited about his tenure as Rosh Solelim. Currently, he is the President of The List College Student Council, a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, a member of the Undergraduate History Council, and an active member and former va’ad member of Koach. During the year, Noam works for the Rabbinical Assembly. He looks forward to meeting his campers and to making Kayitz 2016 an amazing experience.

Hannah Kober – Rosh BogrimHannah Kober

Hannah Kober, Rosh Bogrim, hails from New York and completed her BA at Brandeis University, this spring, majoring in Judaic Studies and Linguistics. As a longtime camper, she is a proud member of Gesher 2009 and worked in Camp as a Bogrim madricha in 2013. Hannah is a Research Assistant at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education where she is currently engaged in the Hebrew at Camp project. Singing, reading, drawing, tennis and softball are some of her favorite activities. Hannah is ecstatic to be returning to Camp as Rosh Bogrim.

Gideon Weiss – Rosh Machongideon weiss

Gideon Weiss is enthusiastically returning as Rosh Machon after two consecutive summers as Rosh Bogrim. This will be his 14th kayitz at CRB and he is thrilled to reunite with an incredible edah. This past fall, Gideon studied in Vienna, Austria and completed his senior thesis in preparation for graduation from Emory University with a BA in History this May. When he has free time, Gideon can often be found playing Ultimate on Emory’s team (go Juice!).

Deb Pollack – Rosh Gesherdeb pollack

Deb Pollack, Rosh Gesher, is a 2016 Barnard College graduate, where she majored in Sociology and Jewish Studies, and was president of the Columbia/Barnard Hillel. She is thrilled to be working with CRB’s oldest campers this summer. In September, Deb will be working in Israel as a Nativ madricha. Much of Deb’s spare time is devoted to her very cute nephew. She loves Camp more than anything and is so excited to be back for Kayitz 2016!

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Pinat Peulot: Program Highlights What’s happening in Al Hagova?

nitzanim1 week 2With an overall expanded staff and a renovated shack, this summer Al Hagova, is truly reaching new heights. Two hundred more chanichim (campers) will take advantage of working on our farm which has doubled in size adding more chickens, 2 goats and ducks. Farm-to-table evening programs for Cochavim and Nitzanim will include farm work, cooking dinner and a special peulah (activity). Bee Keeping is planned for Machon. Yoga and meditation for staff and campers is in the schedule as well.

Teva (Nature) 2016 incorporates mountain biking on new trails Tzeirim and Shorashim along with nature crafts, food preservation and earth science for all edot. This summer Al Hagova offers more canoeing trips for Machon, a renovated rock wall and enhanced rock climbing activities.

tzeirim week 4Trip and wilderness training for staff and an enriched leadership training program add to the exciting new dimensions of Al Hagova. The staff boasts of second, third and even fourth year returnees. This top-notch group are veteran Ramahniks and others hailing from Israel, North America, Argentina, Venezuela, England, Scotland, Poland and Zimbabwe. Madrichim  can’t wait to meet the chanichim!

Kayitz 2016 is bound to be amazing!
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Going Greener

tree tables

Every summer Camp implements new environmental measures to help reduce energy consumption while reducing our overall carbon footprint. Continuing our initiatives, Ramah alumnus and an energy engineer, Adin Meir, helped camp re-lamp over 400 light fixtures with LED energy efficient bulbs. Take a walk around Camp and you’ll notice exterior and interior fixtures already in operation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Compost has become our motto and has already taken us to greener paths. Over the last few years, composting has reduced landfill waste and grease waste from our kitchen has been converted to biodiesel fuel.   Cutting back on our use of plastic, we’ll continue to use permanent plastic tablecloths for dairy meals and introduce reusable plastic cups to replace disposable cups this summer.

In the off-season,trees on Camp property were cut and planked and used as mulch throughout Camp. Most recently pinewood stumps, ends and planks were handcrafted into end and coffee tables that will reside in our Welcome Center. Enormously impactful, we are proud of the environmental transformation that has taken hold and is now integral to Camp!

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Message from Rabbi Paul Resnick – Hodesh Tov, Iyar 5776

ResnickYom means day in Hebrew.

In Camp, we use the word Yom to frame the day into a Jewish context. We use Yom Orchim and not just Visiting Day; Yom Daled and not Wednesday: Yom Ha’Shabbat and not Saturday; and we even call our day of sports competition with Ramah New England, Yom Palmer and not Palmer Day, making our community’s use of Ivrit, more commonplace.

There are many yamim [plural for yom] on our calendar. From Yom Hashoah ( Holocaust Memorial Day) last week to today  – Rosh Hodesh and Mother’s Day to Wednesday’s  Yom Hazikaron commemoration of Israel’s fallen soldiers  followed by the celebration of Yom Haatzmaut  Israel’s 68th anniversary.

Each of these days have strong connections to what we do during the summer. Today we celebrate our mothers!  As a camp, our ties to families and respect to different types of family configurations – two moms or two dads, single parents, inter-faith marriages – is a trademark of CRB.

Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut are days that link each of us to Israel.  A core piece of Camp’s mission is the love for the State and Land of Israel. Some 41  Mishlachat members will join us this summer. With the help of our mishlachat, we teach Israel. Though it is much more challenging today to teach Israel to our campers, we infuse a positive and realistic picture of Israel so that our campers and staff begin to love the State, want to spend time there and value our deep connection with the Jewish homeland.

We are counting down the days until we open Camp – now less than 2 months, just 51 days! Here are some of the yamim in Camp to look forward to:

Yom Rishon – our first day in Camp for full season and first session, June 28th, is a day filled with great anticipation and great excitement. Over the past three summers, we have revamped this yom to make it special yet as regular a day as possible.  The day is filled with the needs of the first day – lice checks, infirmary visits and unpacking, but it is also filled with regular activity from the agam (waterfront) to sports; from evening peulot ( activities ) to campfires.

Yom Orchim – Visiting Day – as you know it will be held on Sunday, July 17th – the third Sunday of the summer – and NOT the fourth Sunday. We invite all parents and families of our campers to visit on that awesome day when Camp’s population will exceed 2,000 people.  Filled with fun and food, Yom Orchim  is always wonderful.

Yom Sports Clinic – focused on the younger edot (divisions).Our staff is enhanced by bringing in professional level instructors and exposing our campers to high level coaching in a variety of sports.

Camp is filled with yamin and each yom is special in its own way.  Keep counting the days ‘til Camp!  We look forward to an amazing 53rd Kayitz with you and your children.

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