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Gesher – Week 7

gesh 1 week 7
This week was a crazy one for Gesher! On Sunday, we met with alumni from Gesher ‘06 to discuss how to stay connected with Camp after Gesher. The evening was capped with the camp-wide rikkudiah where Gesher performed two dances; one as a group dance and the other as couples. Gesher continued dancing the night away after the other edot returned to their tzrifim. On Tuesday, Gesher organized a special dinner to celebrate and honor everyone in the edah. We ate hors d’oeuvres and desserts on the sundeck accompanied by live music! The annual Gesher Chesed sports tournament took place on Wednesday, as Gesher led all of Machaneh Bet. Thursday, Yom Palmer, was a big day. Every chug played so well and had a wonderful day. This week comes to a close with Gesher’s last Shabbat in Camp. We plan to talk about the impact Camp has played in our lives and celebrate our edah.

Shabbat shalom!

Deb Pollack
Rosh Gesher

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Machon – Week 7

The final full week of Machon 2016 was a crescendo of fun! Chanichim went waterskiing and on a canoe trips. Machon could not stop dancing at Sunday night’s  camp wide rikudihah and stole the show with a hip hop dance routine. On Thursday, our campers experienced their first Varsity Palmer day. It was incredible to see their hard work and dedication pay off and watch as the two opposing  teams became families. This Shabbat we will transition from Machon to our place as Gesher ‘17, when we lead the chadar ochel  in  Friday night shirah.

Shabbat Shalom.

Gideon Weiss
Rosh Machon

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Bogrim – Week 7

bog 1 week 7.jpgBogrim is coming off of a really special week that started off with the Rikkudiah, new activities, a great Yom Daled, and our last sports practices. Our Yom Daled was “Yom Tov”, in which we celebrated a few chagim. The Purim Carnival and Prince of Egypt sing-along were great hits! Thursday followed with an amazing Yom Palmer. Full of high energy and sportsmanship, the chanichim competed so well– whether they won or not.

This Shabbat  will be devoted to the excitement, anticipations, and fears of entering high school.  We’ll study  Jewish traditions and texts that deal with transitions, growth, and tough choices. This should be a great segue to the new year, and a meaningful conclusion to a summer of development and growth.

Shabbat shalom!

Hannah Kober
Rosh Bogrim

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Solelim – Week 7

sol 1 week 7.jpgSolelim began its final full week in our machaneh by dancing in the rikkudiah (dance festival) to the song “Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod.” Dressed up in orange, green, and white, the chanichim had a wonderful time performing their dance as well as moving with the rest of our machaneh during the dance party that followed. An impactful moment for Solelim occurred as we discussed  the 40th  anniversary of Operation Entebbe with mishlachat and curated their own art exhibits as part of Louvre Ramah.

Yom Daled, Yom Palmer, and Boker Yisraeli highlighted our week. During Yom Daled, Solelimers tried to discover who killed Amnon (II Samuel 13) as part of Yom Murder Mystery. The excitement of ruach On Yom Palmer was truly amazing as the chanichim competed against Ramah New England in all sorts of  sports, all while making new friends. Boker Yisraeli, was a great way to complete the week. The banot bonded with their miktzoiim in small peulot, while the boys tzrifim participated in three-hours of LARPing (live action roleplaying).

We are dedicating our final Shabbat in Camp to exploring the pros and cons of machane bet and discussing ways that we can impact our machane.

Shabbat Shalom.

Noam Kornsgold
Rosh Solelim

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Tzeirim – Week 7

tze 1 week 7.jpgTzeirim had a super fun week this week.  On Sunday, we had an awesome time at the rikkudiah (dance festival), preforming our edah dance in front of the entire machane.  We switched gears on Monday, when chanichim from Camp Ramah in the Poconos arrived to play several sports tournaments together. We also competed in tug -of -war and capture the flag and enjoyed mingling with chanichim from another Ramah. Yom Daled was another great adventure at Sports Time USA with a Baskin Robins treat at the end of our excursion. Finishing up the week, we  had the opportunity to watch some of the Yom Palmer games and participated in a wide variety of interesting peulot tzrif on Friday morning during Boker Yisraeli.  As we begin to think about the end of the summer, we begin to think about life on machne bet.  We are fortunate to be able to spend Shabbat on B-side to help us make the transition easier when we return to Solelim.

Emily Rebenstock
Rosh Tzeirim

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Shorashim – Week 7

shor 1 week 7Shorashim had an incredible week in machaneinu! We began with a musical tefillah with Josh Warshawsky, enjoyed dancing in therikkudiah (dance festival) and had a blast at Castle Fun Center. Laser tag and go carts were the true favorites of Shorashim. This last Shabbat of kayitz 2016 will be dedicated to leadership and getting prepared for middle school. We are starting to count the days ‘til Kayitz 2017!

Shabbat Shalom!

Naomi Weinblatt
Rosh Shorashim


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Nitzanim – Week 7

Nitzanim’s last full week of Camp was a blast! This week, we were the star of the show at the rikudiah (dance festival) with the agreed-upon cutest dance in camp. We spent a rainy Wednesday morning having a slumber party in our PJs, and then invented and played our own sports games in the afternoon. Our final Shabbat together will certainly be bittersweet, as we enjoy the  last wonderful bit of this kayitz!

See you in Shorashim 2017!

Shabbat Shalom!

Sarah Davis
Rosh Nitzanim

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Cochavim – Week 7

coch 1 week 7It’s so hard to believe we’re facing our last Shabbat together in Cochavim. It seems like just yesterday that we got off the buses and started our journeys in Camp. We had an amazing summer, and a fantastic week, beginning with our annual rikkudiah (dance festival) , celebrating our annual yom meluchlach (Messy Day)  and enjoying a fantastic boker yisraeli (Israel Activities Morning). Though our time together is getting short, we are making every day powerful. We have so many incredible memories, already, and looking  forward to seeing everyone back in Camp next summer in Nitzanim 2017!

Shabbat Shalom!

Didi Kalmanofsky
Rosh Cochavim

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D’var Torah – Parshat Devarim

By Rabbi Steve Kane

steve kane.JPGMost summers the camp season takes us well into the last book of the Torah, Deuteronomy.  It is rare that camp ends with this week’s Torah portion, Devarim, but perhaps there is no better portion with which to finish a summer at Camp Ramah. This is first seen when Moses reminds the people of God’s words, saying “You have stayed long enough on this mountain
…”  (Deut. 1:6) Indeed we are rapidly approaching the time for all of us, campers and staff alike, to realize that as wonderful as it is to be at Camp Ramah (this is my 13th summer in the Berkshires, and 25th overall at a Ramah camp), the time always comes when we have “stayed long enough on this mountain”.

This parasha is always read the Shabbat immediately preceding Tisha B’av, the day on which we commemorate the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash (Temple) in Jerusalem.  Saturday night the entire camp will sit on the ground as mourners over the destruction that has occurred to our people throughout history, and read the book of Eicha, Lamentations.  Interestingly the word Eicha is not only the first word and title of the Book of Lamentations, it is also found in both the Torah and Haftarah readings this week. It means “how”, and in essence it asks, “How will the Jewish people be able to continue into the land of Israel without Moses?” And later “How will the people survive without a Temple and a land?”  The word is most poignant not only for those readings, but also for the end of camp. “How will I be able to bring back home the wonderful experiences of this summer?”

Our ancestors overcame the hardships of history and learned to persevere without a land, always longing to go home to Jerusalem, to return to the land, a dream that was finally realized in 1948. For the people in the desert, they found that although Moses would no longer accompany them, his words and teachings would continue to live on through his book, the Torah. Similarly the end of camp brings with it the knowledge that our camp experiences, friendships and learning will somehow continue to be a part of us when we arrive home in a few short days.

The Torah portion reminds us that even as we move on from this place, we have been enriched by all that we have done. The uniqueness of a bunk, the specialness of a dedicated counselor, the teacher who showed us a new way to look at an ancient text, will all remain with us when the summer ends.  As everyone returns home from Camp Ramah, the answer to what the future will hold for each of us is now enriched by kayitz 2016.

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Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 7


From Sunday ‘til Friday the last week of our 53rd season was filled with amazing programming, spanning the spectrum from an Alumni gathering to welcoming the third group of our youngest, entering third graders, Ta’am campers, to Camp.  Over one hundred bogrei Ramah arrived in Camp this past Sunday for a reunion designed for alumni from as far back as 1966 to celebrate their 50th, 45th, 40th….through their 10th year anniversary. With photo albums and regalia the bogrei Ramah thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting, touring, eating and enthusiastically listening to presentations about the future plans for CRB.

Sunday’s evening program included an incredible rikudiyah (dance festival). Every edah and every staff member performed beautifully choreographed dances that concluded with boisterous rikud together that rocked all of Wingdale.  Another memorable moment.

As the week continued, Tzeirim hosted Ramah Poconos for a day of inter-camp sports competitions. Chanichim formed bonds with other Ramahniks in a variety of activities. As they demonstrated hachnasat orchim , welcoming others into our home, the Tzeirim campers also benefitted by expanding their Ramah network.

The rest of the week, though hot, humid and sometimes rainy, was full with a variety of Yom Daled programs, Yom Seminar,  water skiing, etgar challenge, Yom Palmer and more.  Beginning with a pep rally on Wednesday evening, I was struck by the power and pervasive energy permeating through Machaneh Bet  the night before Yom Palmer. Hosting 350 people is not an easy task. Yet our staff handled the hurdles well in a seamless operation. The buzz around camp confirmed Yom Palmer was a day of friendly competition and most importantly, a day of FUN.

Our last Shabbat is here—my last Shabbat as director. With mixed emotions, I am reflecting upon my 30+ years in this privileged position, as leader of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.  I am grateful to the community that supported me, the staff that let me guide them, and to my family who was always by my side.  I will miss viewing Camp from this perch but I am ready to begin my new role as Senior Engagement and Planning Director.

I thank you for entrusting your children to us this summer and thank you for your commitment to CRB. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year, l’shanah tovah.  Hope to see your children in Camp next summer—Kayitz 2017!

Shabbat Shalom



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